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NY RFHFA: All things on the table right now...... Black Sea Bass...

1 year 3 months ago #44 by FishinAddict
NY RFHFA: All things on the table right now......

Black Sea Bass...
Working on parity in neighboring state regulations. Especially when fishing in federal waters.
Opening the fishery in wave 1, Jan. & Feb. This was approved at the commission level, and shot down by our own NYSDEC.

Winter Flounder...
Another issue where all other states follow the comission approved regulation of open season. From April 1 - Dec 31. At least a boat can legally keep the handful of flounder it will see as bycatch through out the season. This is another one where our own NYSDEC is implementing much stricter regs than what is mandated and restricting access to a resource.

We have comments and letters in officially supporting status quo in Bluefish management. Don't be fooled. There ABSOLUTELY is a push by certain organizations, and individuals to reduce the recreational bag limit. The very first comment made at the bluefish scoping meeting held at the DEC office last month was from a gentlemen claiming to represent recreational anglers ASKING FOR THE BAG LIMIT TO BE REDUCED FROM 15 to 5..... This is not fake news!

We have political pressure on the DEC to meet with the NY RFHFA in private to start a dialogue.

We aim to overhaul the MRAC, and bring in some new life. We strongly oppose unlimited reappointment, and will fight it through legislation if necessary. Anything more than 2 three year terms consecutively is unacceptable. We have some very good candidates from the recreational community, and the bait industry who have their finger on the pulse of the industy, and knowledge of fisheries management ready to step in. If you are a councilor who has openly stated "if someone is willing to step up, I'll resign". Well....that time has come. We have the support of multiple state senators, and Congressman Lee Zeldin on this matter going forward.

We are going to be making Senator Phil Boyle who is our senate rep to the ASMFC aware that his chosen proxy, is about as far out of touch with the needs of recreational fishermen, and the for hire industry here in NY as one could be. We need a new proxy to the ASMFC ASAP. (Dean Murray)

We will keep everyone informed on HR 200, and its counter part 1520 in the senate. If this is done right, and flexibility is added to the MSA, we will finally see relief to many of these issues. I ask you all to go to and read my latest news article on HR 200. At the end, there is a link to contact your congressman and tell them you strongly support the bill.

We are working with Garrett Armwood the Regional director for Senator Chuck Schumer's office. The senators office has been very supportive so far. We hope to build this into a strong working relationship moving forward.

We have been extremely busy setting up the website, and working out any bugs.....PLEASE if you are a party/charter boat who has donated, and don't see your name under our member boats, let us know.

We will be getting NY RFHFA stickers out to ALL members soon. We will also get all member boats "How To Join" flyers to hand out to their customers shortly. Please bear with us! Continue to spread the word, and sign up. $10 recreational angler, $100 party charter boat. 100% of donations will be used in the fight for Fair & Equitable fishing regulations for NY saltwater anglers.


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